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In this ongoing article, you can learn about all the new features and updates of our app. As we try to improve our services continuously, we fix the bugs and add new features on a frequent, regular basis. It's easy to lose track and miss new features that can help you with your riding passion.


The latest updates and new functions



One of the key qualities of a good rider is producing a steady rhythm for an ideal round. We know that controlling the pace is not always easy or entirely possible. Our new function, called Equitronome, enables you to set the desired tempo and practice your rhythm's regularity. Thanks to the Equitronome function, your EQUIMO will be your guide using sound signals, and you will be able to control your tempo and practice its regularity.



The Audio Coach will read essential information, like a time already spent in each gate, to you. We continue to improve the feature, adding warnings, recommendations, and other critical information.




Take-off and landing angles tell a lot about the way you jump a fence. It can be a guide to how you managed a combination or single fences. You can return to your practice round and go through it again because it’s essential to reveal the mistakes to avoid repeating them.




What you might have missed


  1. Apple sign-in - you can now use Google, Apple or eMail sign-in into your App profile.
  2. New section of Tips & Tricks in your Dashboard. Find the most important news and tips there.
  3. Set of icons in our calendar, so it is more lucid. Set "type of event", when you plan a new activity.
  4. App notifications - you can now see them on your phone notification screen. Turn on the ones that matter to you.
  5. Troubleshooting – we made it super simple for you to let us know if you had some problems with the app or measured results. Your feedback, especially the negative one;), helps us make the App better. Please, talk to us!