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Hania Segiel is a young talented eventer, whose future plans include even the Europeans of 2024! She has been riding with EQUIMO for half of a year, and here is how it helps her perform in her demanding discipline.


Hania, can you introduce yourself a little? :)

My name is Hania Sergiel, and I am 17 years old. I have been horse riding since I was 7 years old, and I have been eventing for 5 years. This discipline allows me to feel incredible emotions without which I can no longer imagine my life. I train with Joanna Skibińska, with whom we make a successful team.


What can you tell us about your horses?

I have 4 horses, and each one is different and unique. The oldest of them and my first horse is an 18-year-old mare Ineza with a wonderful character. I owe her a lot. It was on her that I started eventing! She currently uses her experience in working with children.

The other horses are an 8-year-old gelding, Haendel, and a 9-year-old gelding, Nestor S. I compete in CCI2* eventing on them. Handel is an extremely cheerful horse and gives me a lot of joy. Nestor is also very funny and lovable. There is also a 7-year-old mare, Quinella Mesnil, who takes part in jumping competitions.


What are your goals and dreams in the equestrian sport?

My biggest goal in riding is to achieve a common bond and trust between me and the horses. However, my dream is to take part in the European Championships and take part in CCI4* eventing.


How was your 2023 season? And what are you expecting from the next one? J

The 2023 season was very successful. Our hard work resulted in much success, including a 3rd place in the Polish Championships, qualifying for the 2024 European Championships, 3rd place in international competitions, and 4th place in the Polish Cup. The next season will also be very demanding because I plan to take part in the Polish Championships and the European Championships.


How often do you train and what do your sessions look like?

I train 5 times a week on each horse. They have one day of rest and one day of lunge. We practice jumping once a week, dressage twice, gymnastics once, and flat work once a week.


How long have you been riding with EQUIMO and what are your experiences?  

I have been using Equimo during every training session for 6 months. Thanks to this I know exactly what work my horses have done.

After a training session, together with my trainer, we analyze the data provided by the system. EQUIMO monitors many useful parameters like heart rate, exercise intensity, calories burnt, motion, pace, balance and symmetry of movement, jump-work, and much more every time I ride. The device helps to consciously plan training sessions and control the horses‘ performance and fitness, thanks to which I can better prepare horses for hard work, for example on cross-country or jumping. Additionally, thanks to remote access, my trainer can analyze results even when I raid alone e.g. on flat work, and share comments or adapt the training plan accordingly.

I hope that the work put into training and caring for the horses will bring good results in the next season.