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An average 550kg horse with a moderate workload needs approximately 26 500 Calories per day. This number varies enormously; this horse in light work needs 22 600 Calories daily, and if their workload is heavy, they need around 30 400 Calories per day. 

Still, two horses of the same body weight, workload, and the same calorie intake may gain or lose weight differently. There are several reasons for that; individual body condition, metabolism, stress, and other factors.

Therefore, keeping track of your horse’s burned and gained calories is essential. After exhausting training, you may want to supplement your horse with added feed. If your horse is on rest, you might want to consider lowering your feeding dose.

The EQUIMO app tracks the energy levels of your horse every day comparing energy intake vs output in a lucid chart. It works with digestive energy levels, which is the energy the horse needs to cover their metabolism’s needs. Everything above this level is a consequence of a workout, and the numbers grow according to the workload. This is why it is vital to cover a horse’s whole day (there is a possibility to add unmeasured training) to estimate how many calories the horse needs in the feed form.


Calorie intake vs output chart 

To be sure how much you are feeding your horse, write your feeding doses into your horse’s profile. You will be sure how many calories your horse consumes daily, and any change will not go unnoticed. Everyone who you share your horse with will then see all the info and your team will be kept informed! 


Feeding plan in your horse's profile