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Taking care of horses (let alone several of them) in the long run can get pretty chaotic. Are their vaccination requirements for different shows met? How long has it been since their last physio treatment? Do some of them need special shoes shod in different intervals? When should their teeth be checked again? Those are just a few of the general questions we need to ask over and over again to ensure smooth stable management.

EQUIMO calendar is here to help you have all the things under control. Different icons visibly mark all the essential types of events, such as farrier or training sessions. However, these markings may not be helpful just for you. The calendar poses as a platform, where you can plan your whole training strategy and share it with all the important people. Your trainer can plan the dates and times of your sessions. When you are away from the stable, you can plan your horse’s sessions for your B-rider or plan duties for your groom... The options are endless, and it is only up to you how you apply your organizing skills!

Following planning in the calendar, team management allows you to create your own team. You choose the roles of people in your team (such as a groom or an owner), share your horses with certain people, and let EQUIMO be the platform where you all meet. It makes communication with various people easier and also more efficient. You do not have to worry about forgetting to tell someone important details or agreeing on different dates or times for an event mistakenly; in your app, you have everything clearly marked.

You may plan your horse’s sessions for your groom or B-rider when you are not present in the stable. As a plus, they do not need to call you after the training to tell you about your horse’s work - you will see it yourself in your app. You can also leave notes or remarks in the comment section to adjust the next session to your liking. Communication is a crucial characteristic of teamwork, and it is now easier than ever.

 So what now? Download your free EQUIMO app, if you haven't already, and dig in!