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Článek v češtině si můžete přečíct ZDE.


Christmas is fast approaching – crazy how time flies, right? If you’re an equestrian inside and out, chances are your four-legged friends have their place under your Christmas tree. If you want to give them something a bit more than the usual apples and carrots, here are three Christmas gifts ideas that will make your horse neigh with happiness.

1) Your Time

„What? Horses take all the time I have!“ is probably what you’re thinking. But as horses fill up most of our days, we may become distant, our heads occupied with other things while our bodies end up doing all the daily duties out of pure habit.

So maybe the best thing you can give your horse this Holiday season is just being there. Be present. Use the time off and have fun with them. Notice the silly little things they do. And most importantly, appreciate them a bit more.

2) Homemade cookies

The smell of cookies just put out of the oven is one of the best things about Christmas. The good news is that you can grant your horse this pleasure too! Cookies for horses are really easy to make – just mix oats, water, and whatever your horse likes (apples, carrots, oranges, etc.). Create small balls and bake them in your oven. As they say, love really does go through the stomach!

3) Invest in their health

Having horses sometimes resembles trying to keep a rare golden fish alive – or in this case, healthy. With the thought of giving in mind, give both yourself and your horse the gift of health, or at least as much health as you can provide.

The new EQUIMO Heart Rate set is here to help you monitor your horse’s heart rate during every minute of training. You can assess the difficulty of your horse's training, be sure you do not overtrain them and watch for any irregularities that may mark a health issue you don’t want to miss!


PS: While the planned release is in January, you can pre-order your Heart Rate set already!