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Článek v češtině si můžete přečíct ZDE

Aneta has been in the equestrian world for over 16 years, and her lifelong love for animals has been fulfilled mainly by racehorses. Last year, she became the owner of her fated horse, and today, she is talking about the road she has been walking with her soulmate and the help provided by the EQUIMO tracker in managing his health issues.

„I began my equestrian journey 16 years ago. I started to ride only recreationally, and as climbing the ladder was hard in the stable, I began riding racehorses only several years later. I fell in love with races and have been invested in the sport ever since.

The year 2019 came along with an offer to become a camp supervisor, which I accepted, and spent the summer with children. This job offer eventually brought me my current horse partner, who was living in the stable and usually watched me as I was walking around with the children. It was Marionel, an OTTB (of the track thoroughbred) from Ireland, who had been trained by Mr. Josef Váňa. Following an injury, he got into this stable owing to his reliable character, and I had the chance to work with him. After two summers,, I started to travel across the country to see him. I was already considering buying him, but financial and other aspects did not allow me to do so. He was eventually sold, but his new owner allowed me to see him and promised to let me know were she ever to sell him.

I was praying until heaven heard me and my phone rang with information about Marionel’s selling. In a minute, a carefree girl had to become a mother responsible for the life of a beautiful animal. It was the best day of my life.

We are now best friends and live a beautiful life for both of us. My plans for the future may seem ridiculous, but they matter to me: I want a partnership with trust and a beautiful bond. For me, a healthy and happy horse with a sparkle in its eyes is my greatest success.

EQUIMO tracker helps me to keep him this way. It is an elaborated piece of technology able to track the whole training and determine its balance. Balance is a problem of mine: I can’t seem to ride evenly to the left and right, which leads to unbalanced sessions. Moreover, Marionel and I are crooked, so lateral balance is our focus for now. I try to ride him to develop healthy muscles, and relaxation, and to allow his body to work in the best way possible.

As I pay attention to proper execution and regularity of flatwork, I enjoy the option to mark sessions and be aware of their length, as well as I fancy the graphic interface of the app. The information within helps me to keep Marionel fit despite his incurable health issues caused by his career-ending injury.“