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Článek v češtině si můžete přečíst ZDE.

Life with horses can get pretty stressful. I combine studies with free-time grooming, and I take care of six horses in total. So yes, there’s sometimes a lot to remember. When I got the chance to work with EQUIMO, I was intrigued. I even got my bomb-proof mobile to work it, and I wouldn’t change now after getting used to it.

The three main horses I take care of get two activities a day – not just training, but we make sure they get plenty of paddock time, some walker time if the weather is not that pleasant, hand-walking, hacking, you name it. Even though I’m in contact with my rider basically all day, she may be unavailable from time to time, and I need to know the workload of our horses to adjust the rest of the day.

We have our little team all set up in the app. We share the horses‘ profiles, and I’m allowed to add sessions and adjust the profiles. This way, I see the sessions of the horses and it’s all in the app when my rider doesn’t reply to my texts. I get to add my own sessions – mostly hacks and other stuff and comments my rider may forget to write down.

Speaking of forgetting: there’s the never-ending string of vaccinations, blood draws, physio treatments, and farriers. I’m sure we’re not the only one who had a big mess in it all. Things have got much more organized since we started to mark things down into our shared calendar. Our hack is to set a repetition for vaccinations and other vet events. When we add a vaccination or a blood draw, for example, we set the repeats for „semiannually“. This little action sets a planned event in precisely 6 months, notifying us to re-vaccinate!

As I mostly hack the horses, I find it interesting to see the ascent and distance of my rides, as work uphill is a fine way for the horses to get fit, while walk downhill improves their balance. I was surprised to realize that even outdoors, our hacks may get significantly unbalanced! It’s something we definitely want to keep an eye on.

If I were to think about myself, I appreciate the option to set a personal goal. Grooms need to stay in shape, too, and we often get forgotten while taking care of our teams. I love tracking the calories I burn!