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Many equestrians know EQUIMO as a small „box“ that tracks, analyzes, and makes training plans easier. At the beginning of this year, we introduced an addition to our technologies: a device tracking your horse’s heart activity called the Heart Rate Set.   continue reading
Keeping your horse’s hooves in good shape is a picky task all year long, but ensuring they are well-nourished in summer is even more challenging. We are bringing you some essential tips for hoof care in hot weather, so you can fully enjoy summer months without worrying about your four-legged friend’s well-being! continue reading
Keeping our horses safe and sound is a difficult task. Let EQUIMO help you keep an eye on your horse’s wellbeing and health; here are three signs your furry partner is not feeling their best. continue reading
Our sport isn't just about the ribbons; so what happens when you're leaving a show with a lame horse? This article tells a story of recovery from sprained collateral ligaments and the way EQUIMO helped us get better. continue reading
While the equestrian world has been shaken by a recent affair concerning forbidden techniques, there are many ways to naturally (and painlessly) improve your horse’s jumping technique. Let’s look at a few! continue reading
Winter is slowly but surely approaching, leaving the equestrian world with a dilemma: to give or not to give horses a winter break? If so, for how long? What activities to choose? Five riders of all levels and backgrounds have shared their plans and training details for the upcoming season. Join us and discover their stories… continue reading
When the seasons start to change and autumn becomes present within the morning frosts and leaves turning brown, equestrians brace themselves as they enjoy the last sunny days. Once the weather turns cold and the sun disappears, it is somehow a bit harder to enjoy stable duties while fighting the rain, moisture, and chill. And whilst the omnipresent mud might be beneficial for horses in small doses, too much of the brown substance can cause serious health issues. Here are three of the reasons why you want to consider keeping your horse away from a very muddy pasture. continue reading
Turning horses out is a controversial topic that divides the equestrian world nearly into two opposing camps. Although there are, without a doubt, many risks connected with the time spent outside, we want to look on the bright side of the issue and discuss several reasons to let your horse enjoy some fresh air. continue reading
We often wish our horses could talk to us. But what if we could do it the other way round – what if we improved our behavior and communication so our beloved partners could understand us better?  continue reading
Tereza Vysoudilová is a year from being twenty. She jumps classes for Young Riders, schools youngsters, has been accepted to medical school, and for an unknowing eye, her life might seem close to perfect. But it is safe to say that she knows her way around misfortune – for example when her top horse injured himself last year and has not fully recovered since then. In our interview, Tereza talks about his recovery and about herself, her career, and all the ways she uses her EQUIMO analysis. continue reading
Mnoho jezdců a příznivců jezdeckého sportu zná EQUIMO jako malou „krabičku“, která zaznamenává, vyhodnocuje a zjednodušuje organizaci tréninku. Počátkem letošního roku jsme uvedli na trh doplněk k již zažitým technologiím; měřič srdeční frekvence pro koně zvaný Heart Rate Set.   continue reading
Udržet naše koňské miláčky zdravé a spokojené je náročný běh na dlouhou trať. Dovolte proto EQUIMO trackeru pomoci; zde jsou tři znaky, že se váš čtyřnohý parťák necítí právě nejlépe. continue reading
Smůla na závodech a odjezd domů se zraněným koněm, i takový je náš sport. Tento příběh ze stáje vás provede léčbou a rekonvalescencí po natažení kopytních vazů a ukáže, kde nám pomohlo EQUIMO. continue reading
Zatímco jezdeckým světem otřásá nedávná aféra použití zakázaných prostředků ke zlepšení skoku koní, vylepšení skokové techniky lze dosáhnout mnoha přirozenými (a bezbolestnými) metodami. Pojďme se podívat na některé z nich! continue reading