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Since last autumn, EQUIMO has become my riding companion, and I always put it on, even if I go on a hack. It's no different with shows; I naturally pack my EQUIMO in my tack box. Today, I would like to introduce you to my showing day with this little helper. continue reading
Nikola Egrová is a Czech showjumper who competes with her and other horses in national classes for juniors. She’s been riding with EQUIMO for two years and it helps her to organize the training system, which she arranges mostly with her dad in the app.  continue reading
In this ongoing article, you can learn about all the new features and updates of our app. As we try to improve our services continuously, we fix the bugs and add new features on a frequent, regular basis. It's easy to lose track and miss new features that can help you with your riding passion.  continue reading
Feeding your horses and making sure they get all the needed nutrients while being happy and well-fed is something that can turn out to be very tricky. Most horse owners have experienced issues with their four-legged partners being either too difficult to feed, or gaining pounds seemingly from nothing. Here is a little guide of things you should not forget while considering your horse’s diet. continue reading
Nikola Egrová je česká parkurová jezdkyně, která se nejen se svými koňmi účastní národních juniorských soutěží. S EQUIMO trackerem jezdí již dva roky a mimo systematiky tréninku jí pomáhá také s organizací, kterou v rámci aplikace řeší především se svým tatínkem.  continue reading